What is a “Blocked” contact?

When you use our mailing platform to send your surveys, we check your recipient email addresses each time you send them. If any addresses are found to be invalid, you will see the word “Blocked” in the “Status” column of the “My contacts” module. By clicking on this status, a pop-up window will appear on the screen, indicating the type of error reported by our service provider.

Once a contact is “Blocked”, it is impossible to send new surveys by e-mail from our platform.

We recommend that you check these “Blocked” e-mail addresses and then delete them from your contacts.

For greater convenience, you can filter your “Blocked” contacts by clicking on the “Filter” button, then “Blocked”. You can also export the list of all your “Blocked” contacts, to keep a copy for example, by clicking on the “Export” button and then “Blocked”.