How to apply quotas to my survey?

Here is the English translation of the provided text:

“The Quotas feature (available in PRO+/PRO+ Team subscription) gives you the ability to determine the maximum number of responses you want to collect for a survey or a specific response choice:

Survey: Set a maximum number of people who can respond to the survey.

Choice: Set a maximum number of people who can select a specific response choice (applicable only to single-choice questions).

Beyond this quota, the respondent will be redirected to the element of your choice, such as your end page, a customized message, or a desired URL link.

Setting up a quota:

To set up one or more quotas, go to the “Edit” module and select the “Quotas” option. Then click on “New quota“.

Next, give a name to your quota and select the type of quota you want to configure:

Survey: Assign a response quota (Response limit).

Response choice: Select the question and the response choice to which you want to assign a quota and apply a maximum number of responses.

Once this is done, you will need to choose the desired redirection. Choose where your respondents will be redirected once the quota is reached.

Redirection type:

Select where your respondent will be redirected once the quota is reached:

Custom message: Enter and customize a message that will be displayed when the quota is reached.

Closing page: Respondents will be redirected to the closing page you have configured.

Custom URL: Paste a URL link to which you want your respondents to be redirected. This could be, for example, a link to your website or another one of your surveys.

Once your quota is configured, click on Validate.

Modify/Delete a quota:

To modify or delete a quota, click on Quotas. The list of those you have created will appear. Click on the three dots to the right of the one you want to modify and click on Edit. You can then apply the desired changes. Otherwise, click on Delete to remove the quota.

Results Overview:

In the Results module under the Respondent Results tab, you will have the option to see the responses recorded within your quotas and outside of your quotas. Those recorded within your quotas will have the usual completion status (In progress/Completed), while those recorded once the quota is reached will appear with the status ‘Out of quota.'”