Why is the sending of emails limited?

For security reasons and to ensure a good delivery of your emails, we limit the number of sendings for your first campaign. Those security measures are taken to prevent phishing from our platform.

Phishing is a fraudulent technique designed to lure Internet users into communicating personal data (access accounts, passwords, etc.) and/or banking information by pretending to be a trusted third party.

Then, once your email address is validated, your first delivery is limited to 100 emails, the second delivery to 200 emails, your third to 500 emails and your fourth to 1000 emails.

We check the email addresses of your recipients at each step of the sending. If you get less than 10% errors (invalid email addresses, mispelled, do not exist…), you can move on to the next step.  

« In error» addresses will be displayed as « Blocked » in the Eval&Go app.

Once all steps are validated, each sending will be limited to 1000 emails. 

Reminder: A PRO account allows you to send up to 2 000 emails and a PRO+ account allows you 10 000 emails per month. 

If your campaign contains more email addresses than allowed at one stage, a message will be displayed:

“You have reached the limit of emails allowed for this campaign. We will automatically fragment your mailings (allow 1 hour between each mailing). If we see a large number of invalid addresses, your campaign will be automatically suspended. Would you like to continue?”

This message means that additional emails will be displayed by one hour so that the steps of the sending are respected. You will have the possibility to follow-up your sendings from the “Follow-up” unit => “Emailing follow-up”.