CLASSIC VERSION – Generate automatic nominative survey links

With a PRO+ or PRO+ Team account, you can create unique and nominative links to you survey for each of your respondents.

Doing so, you can publish your survey on your own (using your personal email platform or using an emailing tool for instance), without using our emailing platform, and still collecting nominative responses.

First of all, you have to import your contacts in the Contact Manager module.

Then, to generate nominative links, please go to the “Publish” module.

Get into the “Individual links” tab, click on “From my contacts”

You now have  2 possibilities:

-If you previously created a group of contacts in the “Contact Manager” module, you can select it in the drop-down menu on the left called “Groups”.

-In the “Contacts” drop-down menu, you can select one of your contacts.

Then, click on “Generate links”

CSV export file will be downloaded on your computer in which you will find the list of all the nominative links requested.

You will just need to share the survey link to the corresponding contact in order for him or her to anwser your questionnaire.

Please note :

– By generating these links, you will see an increase in the number of new respondents statistics on the graph in the “Follow-up” module and also in the “Results & data” module, in the ” Individual data” tab. These respondents will have the “Not started” status untill they haven’t started to fill-in your survey.

-If you have imported their surname and/or name, this information will appear in the individual data chart, along with their email address.

-If you wish to follow-up people that haven’t responded to your survey or who are in progress, you can do so on your side (from your own emailing platform for instance), our follow-up tool (“Follow-up” module) is reserved to send the survey from our emailing platform (“Publish” module, “E-mail” tab).

-If you delete some contacts from your “Contact Manager” module, all the responses collected from a nominative link that you generated will become anonymous.