CLASSIC VERSION – How to use the “piping”?

Piping is a redirection method that allows users to “pipe” an answer directly into subsequent questions on an subsequent page.

It can be a useful tool to improve the respondent experience since they will only answer questions about themselves. It also allows the user to collect more in-depth data by asking direct follow-up questions based on respondents previous response and preferences.

Here is an example : 

Question 1: what kind of car do you drive?

  1. Truck
  2. Hybrid Car
  3. SUV

In this case, Piping would be useful if you want to use the Question 1 answer in the Question number 5 title.

Question 5: What colour is your [Question 1 answer]?

How to use Piping feature :

  • Click on the blue menu at the right of the Question 5 title 
  • Select “Piping” and choose the Question 1. 
  • The code: [$-Q/1/selected-$] will appear in the question title.
  • If the respondent answer Hybrid Car, on question 1,  then Question 5 title will be : “What colour is your Hybrid Car?”

Please note that your two questions must be on different pages.