CLASSIC VERSION – How to get nominative responses?

Collecting nominative datas allows you to know who  is responding to the survey. It highlights the responses of one or several respondents using our analysis tool (filters, comparative tables). 

  •  If you use the survey link, QR code or embed :

Use the link displayed in the “Publishing”, to obtain anonymous data, 

However, anonymous data can be transformed into personal data. 

To do this:

 You must include form-type questions in your survey such as name and email.

 When Editing these questions in the “Survey Editor”  

Tick the box “Add the respondent in Contacts”

In this way all respondents who answer these questions, will be added to your contacts in Contact Manager.

Note : This option must be activated before publication.

  • If you publishing your survey using our internal Email module or by sending an individual link “From my contacts”.

Your contacts will receive a nominative link from wich they can answer your survey once. 

You will be able to identify who answered to your survey. The answers of your respondents will be associated to their email addresse (first name/last name if you have enter those information in “Contact Manager”).

In both case, your respondents’ identity will be displayed in the email and/or first name / last name columns of your individual data ( in  “Results & data” unit and in the “Individual data” tab).