How to generate unique, anonymous url links?

From a PRO+ or PRO+ Team account, you have the possibility to automatically generate anonymous and unique questionnaire links for each of your respondents.

This way, you ensure that you only have one response per respondent while retaining anonymous responses.

Generate your anonymous and unique links:

  • Go to the Publish module of your questionnaire.
  • From the “Individual Links” section, click on “Anonymous respondent generator.”
  • Click on “Create Respondent Group,” or “New Respondent Group” if you’ve already created one.
  • Give a name to your group and enter the desired number of anonymous links under “Number of URL Links.”
  • Click “Validate.”

Share your unique URL links:

Click on the name of the respondent group or the three dots to the right of it, and then click on “Display the links.”

You will have the option to individually copy the URL links by clicking “Copy.” Once a link is copied, the status under “Copy URL link?” will change from No to Yes.

You also have the option to export a CSV file containing all your links by clicking “Export the Links.” You can then copy and paste the links from this file.

Once your respondent begins to answer your questionnaire, the “Not Started” button under Status will change to “In Progress” and then to “Completed” once your respondent has finished answering your questionnaire.

How to delete a group of URL links:

You can delete your URL link groups at any time by clicking on the three dots to the right of your group and selecting “Delete.” You can choose whether or not you want to delete the respondents and the associated responses with these links.