How to display a conditioned ending message?

With our New version, you can now display an ending message based on logics you would have set. 

1. Create your message

How to set the logics to display your message :

  • Go to the “Edit” unit of your survey
  • Click on “Closing page”
  • Click on “New item”
  • Click on “Personalised message”
  • Insert and edit your message
  • Validate

2. Condition the display of your message

Click on the arrows located on the right of your message and set your condition. It can be based on a question, a score and/or multiscoring (if those option are activated).

Once your respondent will have finished answering your survey, your message will be displayed if they meet your configured logics.

Editing and deleting your message

If you wish to edit or delete your message, click on the three dots on the right of your message and select the desired action.

Note: You can also edit the logics of your message by clicking on the following icon: