How to add pictures, links, videos and title in your survey?

You can add many elements to your survey, such as a text, an image, a title, a sub-title, a table, a video…

You can add those elements at the beginning of your quiz or of your page and/or in between the different questions of your survey. Those allow you to create parts, sub-parts, to organize and illustrate your survey and to make it dynamic. 

In order to do so, click on “Add Text/Image” :

Then, a new window will pop out. You can write text, make it bold or italic, change its size, font, color, underline, choose line spacing, insert a URL link, an image, a gif, a video, a table and more !

You can also directly insert images, links and tables in your questions and choices of responses. 

In order to do that, create a question by clicking on the green “New question” button or edit a question already created.

A toolbar will appear once you have clicked on either on “Wording of the Question” or “Wording of the Choice” :

That toolbar allows you to insert a link, an image, a table…you can also illustrate your survey, questions and/or choice of responses !