How do I set up my Stripe login credentials?

You have the option to include a Stripe payment form on the final page of your surveys. To set up your form and link it to your Stripe account, simply provide the Public Key and the Secret/Limited Key of your account.

For this, you must have a Stripe account with Developer rights.

If you don’t have a Stripe account yet, visit the official Stripe website ( and sign up following the instructions.

Log in to your Stripe dashboard:

Go to the Stripe site and log in with your credentials.

Access the API keys section:

In the dashboard, click on the “Developers” icon in the menu to access the development tools.

Then, click on “API Keys” in the submenu.

Generate API keys:

If you’re generating keys for the first time, you should see a button to create an API key. Follow the instructions to generate them. On Eval&GO, the Public Key and Secret or Limited Key will be required.

If you need to regenerate your API keys for security reasons, you can do so here, but be aware that you’ll need to update the keys in all applications using Stripe.

Test API keys and production API keys:

You will see two sets of keys: test keys and production keys.

Test keys start with pk_test_ for the public key and sk_test_ for the secret key. They are used to test your integrations without actual financial transactions.

Production keys start with pk_live_ for the public key and sk_live_ for the secret key. They are intended to be used when your site or application is in production and processing real financial transactions.

Handle API keys with caution:

Make sure to keep your secret keys private and secure. Never share them publicly or with unauthorized individuals.

Use environment variables to store API keys in your applications to avoid exposing them in your source code.

Retrieve your Public Key:

Go to Standard Key

Copy the token of your Public Key

Paste it into the Public Key field in Eval&GO

Retrieve your Secret/Limited Key:

You have the choice to create a new Secret Key (provides all permissions) or a Limited Key (selective access):

Secret Key: Generate a new Secret Key and copy it into Eval&GO.

Limited Key: Here is the configuration to perform

Charges: Read

PaymentIntents: Write

PaymentMethods: Read

Checkout Sessions: Write

Copy the token available when saving your key.

Paste it into the Secret/Limited Key field in Eval&GO

Your Stripe credentials configuration is now complete!

Go live once your tests are finished:

When you’re ready to go live, replace the test keys with the production keys in Eval&GO.

Perform final tests to ensure everything works as expected with the production keys.

Remember to consult the Stripe documentation for the latest instructions and best practices regarding API key management and security.