How do I integrate my respondents’ answers into the questionnaire URL?

The “URL data integration” feature (available with a PRO+ account) allows you to integrate information already known abour your respondents into the URL of your questionnaire. It involves adding variables to the questionnaire’s URL that correspond to the answers to specific questions. This way, you can generate customized URL links to share with your contacts/respondents.

With this functionnality, you can save your respondents time by asking them to confirm or correct informations or enchance your analysis by utilizing pre-filled information.

To use this feature, simply follow those 3 steps.

1. Add the questions to pre-fill

First, add the question you want to pre-fill in your questionnaire.

  • Go to the “Edit” unit
  • Click on “New question” and create your question(s)
  • I you wish to hide your question(s) so that the respondents can’t see it/them, check the “Hide the question” option in the question settings. If you don’t hide you pre-filled question(s), the respondents can view and modify the pre-filled answers.

Important :

Not all question types can be pre-filled:

– Matrix questions

– Pen questions

– Upload questions

– Ranking questions

2. Create your URL variable(s)

To create URL variables:

  • Go to the “Publish” unit of your survey and click on the “URL pre-filling” feature.
  • Click on the green “Create a URL variable” button to create your first URL variable. Adding variables to your questionnaire’s URL allows you to integrate answers to specifc questions.
  • Name your variable.

Note: We recommend using short variables name (a single letter may be sufficient). For example, for a customer number, you can use the variable “cn”, “c” for a city, “pr” for a profession, etc.

  • Select the question associated with this variable from the drop-down menu.

Note: For multiple-choice questions, indicate variable names for the choices. As for the form question, select the associated field.

  • Click on “Confirm” to save your variable. 

You will find it listed on your interface. By clicking on the 3 dots on the right, you can rename or delete it. 

Be careful, as deletion is permanent! If one of your URL links uses this variable, the corresponding information will no longer be pre-filled.

To create another variable, simply click on the green “Add URL variable” button and repeat the process. You can create as many variables as needed.

3. Generate a personalized URL

Finally, use your variables to create customized questionnaire URL links integrating the information of your choice. 

  • Click on the green “Generate a custom URL”
  • Indicate the infomation/values to pre-fill for each of your variables and obtain a custom URL link.
  • In the “Information to pre-fill” colum, select the responses that should correspond to the indicated variable.

You can save the link for future use. by activating the “save URL’ option, giving it the name of your choice, and validating it! You can copy the link by clicking on “Copy link”. 

Alternatively, you can find the link in the right-hand list on the 3 dots on the right and then by selecting “View URL”.

To generate another personalized URL, simply repeat the process.

Once your have generated your personalized (pre-filled) URL link(s), you can share them to your respondents.