CLASSIC VERSION – Difference between anonymous and nominative link?

To obtain anonymous data, you have several publishing options :

  • You can copy and paste the survey link (in “Publish”). You can paste the link into your own email, publish it on your website or social media such as Facebook or twitter. 
  • You can embed your survey online. Choose the embedding option that best suits your needs (JavaScript, iFrame, a pop-up, a lightbox, a feedback pop-up)  copy and paste the code displayed in your web page.
  • You can use a QR code. Go to “Publish” Click on « QR code ». Use this QR code in your paper document such as flyers, posters etc. Your respondents will be able to answer your questionnaire using their smartphone or tablet.

To obtain personal data, the best solution is to send your questionnaire using our internal emailing system. 

To do this: 

Go to “Publish module” click  on “email” . 

To properly collect respondent’ personal data it is important NOT to change the [$-link-$] or [$-url-$] tags. These and other such tags are automatically supported by our emailing system and generate encrypted links that allow the system to collect personal data based on the information you have provided in the contact list used to send the emails.

If you do not use our emailing platform but need to collect personal data, you must include information questions in your survey such as « first name/last name » or « email » .

Edit your questions by clicking on the blue pen (in “edit” )

Tick on “Add the respondent in Contacts” 

By doing so, all respondents who answer these questions, will be added to your contacts in Contact Manager.

Note : This option must be activated before publishing.