“Contact File not compliant” What does it mean?

When you import a contact list in Eval&Go, it is possible to meet that message : “Your file doesn’t meet our requirements”.

In that case, we invite you to check that your file respects all of the conditions mentioned below : 

  1. Your file has to be registered at the CSV format (semicolon or comma), and not at the Excel format (.xlsx).
  2. The first column of your file must contain the email addresses of your contacts.
  3. If your file has a header line (title of the columns), you have to be assured that you checked the box “my file has a header line”, before uploading the file.
  4. No cell “email address” can be empty).
  5. Only one email address is allowed per cell.
  6. No special character is allowed on the cells of the table.
  7. No space in the “email address” cells is allowed neither (whether it be before or after the address) 
  8. No newline can be done inside of the table cells
  9. Yours email address have to be in the good format (example@email.com)
  10. The cells in the header of your CSV file don’t have to contain points or special characters.

Tip: If you meet some problems when you upload the file, open your CSV file in a text editor like Notepad++, or notepad to research eventuals spaces not adapted and other similar errors.