Application Update: Share a test link with your contacts and allow your respondents to answer multiple times

This update allows generating test links for questionnaires, providing a convenient solution to ensure the quality of your surveys. You will also find all distribution options on a single page. Additionally, by default, your respondents will be able to answer your questionnaire multiple times. You will have the option, if you wish, to limit responses to 1 per respondent.

1. Test Link Generation

   With this update, you can now generate a test link for your questionnaire from the Preview module. This link is specially designed to allow distributing your questionnaire without collecting any responses. Test links can be shared with anyone without restriction. This feature is ideal for allowing colleagues, friends, or other collaborators to test the questionnaire without needing to create an account and provide feedback. Their responses will neither be collected nor analyzed.

2. All Publishing Options Displayed on a Single Page

   Find all the sharing options for your questionnaire now on a single page within the Publish module. Navigating this page, you’ll find on the left the options for sharing collective links, designed to simplify the distribution of your surveys to targeted groups. These options include features such as sharing on social networks, integration on a website, or a URL link to share. On the right side of the screen, you’ll discover options for sharing individual links, allowing you to customize the distribution of your questionnaires by sending direct invitations to specific participants.

3. Respondents Can Answer Your Questionnaire Multiple Times

   In contrast to what was possible until now, your respondents will be able to answer your shared questionnaire multiple times by default. This notably provides the opportunity to collect responses from the same source. Once the questionnaire is answered, simply refreshing the page will restart the questionnaire from the beginning. If you want each participant to only respond once, you can activate the “Limit to 1 response per person (cookie)” option from the Publish module.

4. Responses made in Preview mode are no longer saved

   Just like the test link, the Preview mode no longer collects responses, and they will not be analyzed. This mode is present for conducting tests directly within the application.