Allowing my respondents to upload documents

From a PRO account, you can use the Upload type of question. That question allows your repondents to upload one or several documents in the following formats: Word, Word 2007, JPEG, PNG, PDF.

That type of question is useful if you want your respondents to upload documents, such as their curriculum, picture, certification, a proof…

Adding an upload question : 

  • Go to the “Edit” unit of your questionnaire.
  • Click on “New question” then on “Upload”. 
  • Add your question.
  • Select the format(s) that you accept.
  • If you wish that your respondents may be able to upload several files, activate the “Allow Multiple Uploads” option (available wirth a PRO+ account).
  • Click on “Confirm”.

By clicking on “Upload, your respondents will be able to upload one or several files (available with a PRO+ account).

Note : the size of a file cannot exceed 10Mo.

You have different options to download the files uploaded by your respondents :

1- From the results per respondents:

  • In the “Results” unit of your survey, go to the “Results per respondent” tab.
  • Click on “View details” on the right of the respondent for whom you wish to export their documents.
  • Go to your upload question and click on the file(s) you wish to export.

2- You can also export the documents from the PDF file of the report of your respondent: 

  • Go to the “Response per respondent” tab in the “Results” unit. 
  • Click on “View details”.
  • Click on “PDF Export”.
  • Go to your upload question and click on the file(s) you wish to export.

Note : the files uploaded by your respondents cannot by downloaded from a CSV file. 
Those files can be downloaded only by the user of the Eval&GO account when they are connected on the application. 

3- Massively, by making a ZIP export of all the documents :

  • Go to the “Response per question” tab in the “Results” unit. 
  • Click on “Download all files” on the top right of your upload question (you can also view the number of uploaded files).
  • You will get a ZIP file with all the attachments.