CLASSIC VERSION – What is the purpose of verifying my email address?

Before sending your first e-mail from our e-mail system (“Publish” module, “Email” tab), we need to verify your identity as an e-mail sender.

Therefore, we ask you to enter a valid e-mail address. This will become the sender e-mail address for your mailings.

Once you’ve entered your email address, click on “Validate my email address”.
An email will then be sent to this address. Remember to check your SPAM folder if you don’t receive any e-mails.

By clicking on the “Verify my email address” button in the body of the message, you confirm your identity. The Eval&GO application will then open in a new tab.

Security measures for mailings from Eva&GO

For security reasons, we limit the number of times you can send your first campaigns. These security measures have been taken to prevent phishing from our platform.

Phishing is a fraudulent technique designed to lure Internet users into disclosing personal data (access accounts, passwords, etc.) and/or banking information by pretending to be a trusted third party.

After validating your email address, your first mailing will be limited to 100 mails, the second to 200 mails, the third to 500 mails and the fourth to 1000 mails.

At each sending stage, we will check your recipient email addresses. If you get less than 10% errors (invalid addresses, misspelled addresses, addresses that no longer exist, etc.), you can move on to the next stage.

Addresses “In error” will appear as “Blocked” in the Eval&GO application.

Once all the steps have been validated, each mailing will be limited to 1000 e-mails.

Note that the PRO account allows you to send 2,000 emails/month and the PRO+ account 10,000 emails/month.

If your campaign contains more email addresses than authorized at any stage, a message will appear on the screen:

“You have reached the authorized email limit for this campaign. We will automatically fragment your deliveries (allow 1 hour between each delivery). If we find a large number of invalid addresses, your campaign will be automatically suspended. Would you like to continue?”

This message means that additional emails will be postponed by one hour, so that the sending stages can be respected. You will then be able to track your mailings from the “Tracking” module => “Mailing tracking”.