CLASSIC VERSION – What is multiscoring?

The Multiscoring function allows you to add one or more scores to your choices based on specific criteria you define.

This is the best method if you need to create a self-assessment test, a personality test or a behavioral analysis test.

To do this : 

  • Go to “My Surveys”, click and select your survey. 
  • Select  “Multiscoring”.
  • Click on “New score” to create your first score.
  • Give your score a name
  • Enter your score in the fields
  • Click on “confirm”
  • Click on “New score” to create a new score
  • Click on “confirm”

Note that it is possible to add both positive and negative scores. 

Multi Scoring works with Multiple Choice, checkboxes and 2D Matrix.

How to analyse your multiscoring

To do this : 

  • Go to “results and data”
  • Click on your report to edit it or Click “add report”  to create a new one. 
  • Click on “add a table” or “add a graph”
  • In “question” (on the left side), click on “score” and select one or several score you want to display.
  • In “Type of analysis” (on the right side) choose a score analysis. For example : score, question score…
  • Then click on “create”.