CLASSIC VERSION – Receive an email notification to follow-up new responses

With a PRO+ or PRO+ Team subscription, you can activate a follow-up email notification that will summarize your respondents’ activity. 

In order to activate this option, here are the steps to follow: 

1. From “My surveys” list, click on the bell

2. Activate the option “Activate the email notification for each new response”

3. Indicate the recipients of this notification without forgetting to separate each one by comma. You can type in as much as 3 different email addresses. 

4. Define this notification’s frequency: daily, weekly or monthly 

– The daily notification: An email is sent every day at 6:00 a.m. and presents all the new answers collected the day before (between 12:01 a.m. and 11:59 p.m.).

– The weekly notification: An email is sent weekly, the day of your choosing at 6:00 a.m. and presents all the new answers collected during the last 7 days. 

– The monthly notification: An email is sent every month, on the day of your choice at 6:00 a.m. and presents all the answers collected during the month (from date to date). 

Note: By default, this notification will be sent even if you have not received any new answer on the selected period of time. The sentence “You have 0 new respondents” will thus be displayed in the email. You can activate “Receive a notification only in the case of new responses” option.

5. You can include in the email the results of your survey by activating the option “Add a global data report to the notification”.

Select the report of your choice thanks to the drop down menu. You can also apply a filter on this report. Please note that this online report will present all of the answers collected from the start of your survey. 

6. You can also include the results/answers of each new respondent by activating the option “Display a customized individual report for each response”. Select the report of your choice thanks to the drop down menu. 

Note: You can include the individual report for each respondent only if the report in question contains a dynamic filter. 

7. By activating the “Add a condition” option, you can choose to display only some of your respondents in the notification email. This setting is done according to a specific answer choice. 

You just have to select the question, the condition and the expected answer. Your notifications will display only the respondents that meet this criteria. 

8. Don’t forget to “Validate” your setting.