CLASSIC VERSION – How do I add a login and/or password to my questionnaire?

On Eval&GO, you can enable access to your questionnaire by means of a password and/or login.

To do this, in the “Publish” module of your questionnaire, you will find the publication options by clicking on the “Options” tab in the top menu. In these publication options, you can check the “Password access” and/or “Access the questionnaire through login” boxes.

Access by password

By checking the “Password access” option, you have two options:

Global password: you can enter it directly. This is the same password for all your contacts.

Contact password: This is a password for each contact. These passwords must first be imported into the “My contacts” tab, just like the user IDs.

Please note that without the login and password, your contacts will not be able to access the questionnaire.

To import your login and password into “My contacts” :

Go to the “My contacts” tab and click on “Import contacts“.

Choose your file. Specify whether your file is saved in “comma or semicolon separator” format.

Indicate whether your file contains a header line by checking the appropriate box.

Remember to define the order in which elements such as first name, last name, telephone number, etc. appear in your file. Your file must include email addresses, logins and/or passwords. This means that you must first assign this information to each of your respondents.

Please drag and drop the fields you wish to import from the “available fields” list under the “E-mail” field. Your fields should appear in the same order as the columns in your CSV file. Important: your contacts’ e-mail addresses must appear in the first column of your file.

If you wish to add your contacts to an existing group, tick the box corresponding to your group. If you don’t have a group, you can create one using the “add a group” button. Groups can also be created from the “Settings” tab.

Don’t forget to check the “I certify that the imported contacts are “Opt-In”” box before validating.

For your information:

With the global password, you can also choose to share your survey using the anonymous link in the questionnaire (available from the “Publish” module). Remember to communicate this password to your respondents so that they can access it.