CLASSIC VERSION -How to ensure that the respondents complete the questionnaire only once?

If you use our internal mailing system to send your questionnaire : 

It is best to publish your questionnaire from Eval&GO because it automatically generates a unique link for each respondent.

If you use the survey link to publish your questionnaire (or QR code / embed) : 

  •  Limit yourself to one answer per computer. (based on IP address)

To do this :

Go to my Surveys, and click on”publish”. 

In “options” tab, tick the box  « Limit to one reply per computer (based on IP address ) ». 

Only one survey can be submitted from a single IP address.

Be careful : IP addresses can be the same for severals computers (for a same company).  Ticking this box, means that you only allow one reply per IP address.  Others respondents will receive  a message that says « You have already completed this questionnaire. »

  •  Log in, and authorize access to the questionnaire. 

To begin import a list of logins on Eval&GO (they don’t need to be associated with contacts).

To do this:

Click on  « CSV import »,

Select  « Login Code » and import your CSV file.

In publishing options, tick « Access the questionnaire through login » and  « save ».

Provide a personal access code for each respondent. 

Each login can only be used once.

Please note, your respondents cannot access your questionnaire without their login.