CLASSIC VERSION – How to design an email theme?

When using our sending platform to publish your survey (“Publish” unit, “Email” tab), you can design different email themes. As for an example, you can design a different theme according to the type of survey. You can save the themes, reuse them for other surveys, edit or delete them.

We have created en email theme by default. That theme includes all the necessary information to have your questionnaire sent: variables related to the first and last name of the contact, the name of the questionnaire and mostly the {{ url }} variable that allows to automatically include the link of the questionnaire. A warning message will prevent you from sending the email if the variable does not appear in the message. 

Important: We remind you that it is not necessary to copy/paste or to insert any kind of questionnaire link in the email as our application will generate a personnal and nominative link for each or your recipients. 

However, you can customize that email. You can indeed personalize your sending email so that it reflects your company, product, service…

First of all, you can modify the text and add additional variables. The list of the variables is available by clicking on “List of available variables”. Copy and paste the variables of your choice in the body of your email. Then, you can edit your text in bold and/or italic, underline it, you can insert a link (for example, you can share the link of your website or your social media), bullet point, numbered list and edit the font, its size and color, and way more options. There are many ways to personalize your email!

Once your email is ready, you can save it as one of your themes by clicking on “Save as a new theme”.

By clicking on “Your themes”, you can choose at any time a theme, modify it, delete it or get back to the default theme.