CLASSIC VERSION – How to create a questionnaire?

There are 3 options :

  1. Create a new survey from scratch, 
  2. Use one of  the available survey templates
  3. Copy an existing survey. 
  1. How to create a new survey:
  • Go to My survey 
  • Click on “Create Survey”
  • Here you can choose either to “Start from Scratch” or “Use a  template” or “Copy a Survey”
  • Enter the title of your new survey.
  • Click on “Create Survey” .This will take you directly to an empty survey’s workspace, known as the Question Editor.

If you have chosen to use a template, your survey workspace already contains questions. You can simply modify the questions or use the available ones. 

Adding questions

To add questions : 

  • Click on your question type (from the left-hand side) and the question will be automatically added to your questionnaire.
  • Note that if this is your first survey you can’t copy an existing survey.

To edit your question: 

  • Click on the question and add the information
  • You can also edit the question text or add an image.

To add more answers:

  • Click on “Add an additional choice”.

To change the order of answer choices: 

  • Simply a drag-and-drop.

To customize your questions: 

  •  Use the options menu

In this section, you can display the answers in random order, make the question mandatory, add a comment, etc.

You can also duplicate, or delete pages with a single click.

If there is a question you use frequently, you can add it to your personal library for use in other surveys.

  • Once you are done, click OK and your question is added to your questionnaire and saved automatically.

To add a new page:

  • Click “Add a new page” a blue button

You can also duplicate, or delete pages with a single click

Editing your survey

To organize the layout of your survey and change the order of your questions :

  • Click on “Organize”
  • Move your questions from one page to another or more pages.

Section  “Survey Settings”  

There are a variety of features to create your customisable survey.

Features include:  editing titles, inserting your brand logo, adding creation and thank you pages and other advanced features.

To preview your survey:

Click on  “View”

Creating a survey with Eval&GO is easy!