CLASSIC VERSION – How to allow my respondents to sign a questionnaire?

From a PRO+ account, your respondents can sign electronically within an Eval&GO questionnaire using the advanced “signature” question.

To add a “signature” question to your questionnaire :

Enter the questionnaire’s “Modify” module

Click on “advanced question” and then on “signature”.

From a computer, your respondent will sign using their mouse.

From a smartphone or tablet, they will sign using their finger.

To retrieve your respondents’ signatures :

In the “Results” module of your questionnaire, click on “Individual data”.

This will bring up a list of all your respondents.

Click on the little eye in the “Options” column to open the respondent’s answers. The signature will appear. To save it as an image, simply right-click with your mouse.

When you export your individual data as a PDF file, the signature will be retained.

In the “Results” module of your questionnaire, click on “Report”.

In your automatic report, as in a manual report, analysis of the “signature” question will show all your respondents’ signatures.

To create a signature table :

  • Click on “add a table”.
  • In “questions”, select your signature question
  • In “analysis type”, select “image”.
  • Click on “generate”.