CLASSIC VERSION – How to add a background image to your quiz ?

When designing your quiz, you have the possibility to use your very own image as a background.

You can add an image as a background, on the right or as a banner on the top of the page.

To do that 

– Create a theme from scratch or edit one by clicking on the blue pen on any theme that you can find in the themes library. 

– Name your theme.

– Choose the type of layout you want to apply to your image (banner, background, on the right of the page) in the “Layout” section.

– Click on “Image” on the “Background” section, then on “Choisir” to select the image of your choice. 

– Click on “Confirm” to save your theme.


1. Use an image of good quality (minimum of 1900x wide) so that your background doesn’t end up streched out or blurry.

2. Keep in mind that when choosing the banner layout, only the top of your image will be displayed in the banner (the size of the banner being 1900px wide/250px height).

3. For example, you can use an image of size 1900×1000, the part of which you want to use as a banner will represent 1900×250.