CLASSIC VERSION – How do I allow my respondent to see their answers at the end of the questionnaire?

The PRO+ and PRO+ team accounts allow you to create a dynamic report that will show respondents their results immediately after completing the questionnaire.

To do this : 

  • First of all, simply create your report with all the information you want the respondent to see.
  • Click on “all” ( “apply filter”), then “manager population filters” 
  • A window will pop-up with the filter options. Click on “Add a filter”.
  • Name your filter
  • Tick on “Dynamic filter”
  • Click on “save”

Then, return to your questionnaire to change the options. 

  • Go to “Survey Settings” click on “Intro/Outro”. 
  • Select the “Add a closing page” and “Report redirection” . 
  • Then, choose your report and filter from the  dropdown menu. 
  • And click “Validate Options”.

This way, your respondents’ results will appear immediately after the survey is completed and they will be able to save them as a PDF and keep a record. 

Note : Use the survey link in “Publish” in order to verify that the results appear correctly. In fact, the test link and preview window do not save the answers, so if you use them, the report will be displayed empty.