CLASSIC VERSION – Data integration of your responses

“Data integration”  is an effective feature that allows you to fill your survey with information you already know about the respondent, in order to save them time, or answer hidden questions in your questionnaire in order to analyze data you have collected but your respondent doesn’t necessarily know, how much business they bring to you and much more.

This feature requires you to add questions into your survey and to answer instead of your respondents before publishing. You can choose to keep the questions and answers visible for your respondants or hide them.

2 methods of data integration are possible :

1. By uploading responses thanks to a CSV file

2. By inserting the responses directly into the URL link

1. By loading responses thanks to a CSV file

Data integration through CSV allows you to import responses/data thanks to a CSV file.
This CSV file must contain your respondents’ email addresses and all information youw would like to import.
This feature requires the use of our emailing platform to publish the survey.

2. By inserting the responses directly into the URL link

The URL pre-filling allows you to insert responses /data directly into the URL link of the survey that is sent to your respondents.
This option is only available with the following type of questions : text, numeric, email or name/surname.

The pre-filled links can be shared to your respondents through your own emailing system.

The feature of data integration through a CSV or an URL link is available as from our PRO+ and PRO+ team accounts only.