CLASSIC VERSION – Cross tabulation

Cross tabulation should be used to cross-reference a question-answer with another question-answer.Cross tabulations are used to ask two or more questions and to analyze the correlation between subjects.

In your Eval&GO account, you can easily create a cross-tab analysis: 

To do this : 

  • Go to “Results & Data”
  • Click on “Add a table” or “Add a graph”
  • Then enter your graph or table name.
  • Go to “Type of analysis” and select “Cross tabulation” 
  • On “Question” and select your first question to analyse
  • Choose type analysis type you want to use.
  • Then click on “Create” 

Tip: Eval&GO allows you to create multi-layered cross-sectional reports, allowing you to quickly create in-depth reports. 

You cross tabulation is ready !