How do I paste a Respondent Database from a spreadsheet?

posted on 02/11/2015

Categories : Contact Manager

Within the Contact Manager module, click on the "Contacts" button > click on the "Paste from Spreadsheet" button on the tab above.

Open your spreadsheet file > Select all the rows and collumns of your contact list table > Copy the selection (Ctrl+c or right-click > Copy).

Return to the Contact Manager module and Paste (Ctrl+v or right-click > Paste) the selection into the box that appears in the Import Respondent Database pop-up window.

If the selection included a header row then check the "With header row" box > Check the boxes that correspond to the columns of your contact list table > Confirm by clicking the "Import database" button

Important note: Fields in your CSV file should always be in this order: Title, Last name, First name, Email, Company, followed by up to four additional fields you can define yourself.

If your upload doesn't work or you're having problems with the list, make sure that before you import your mailing list your table is clean:

  • There should be no separators or strange characters in the cells of the table.
  • Each cell in the column should have one email address in it.
  • Verify that all emails are in the correct format (
  • No “enter” strokes should be made inside the table cells.

Tip: If you are having trouble with errors, open your CSV file in a plain text editor such as Notepad++ or WordPad to check for misplaced separators and other such mistakes.