How do I send a follow-up/reminder message?

posted on 02/11/2015

Categories : Follow-Up

From the "My Surveys" page, scroll the mouse over the survey in question, a "Follow-up" link will appear below the survey title, click on it and it will take you to the follow-up options.

Click on the "Follow-Up/Reminder" button along the top.

Here you can choose to send any of the following type of follow-up messages:


  • Individual reminders (Only one person).
  • Follow up all uncompleted surveys.
  • Only follow up the surveys already started.
  • Only follow up the surveys not yet started.
  • Send an email to those who completed the survey.


Note: You can edit the content of the messages to suit the type of respondents you are sending the follow-up to, just make sure not to alter the [$-link-$] code or other similar codes if you are sending reminders to take your survey.