How do I add a question within a question?

posted on 02/11/2015

Categories : Editing Surveys

To add "a question within a question" which, in a paper survey would read something like, "If answered yes to question 1 then answer question 2...", with Eval&GO there's a simpler more effective way to create this kind of logic: Branching.

Branching allows the user to condition what questions or pages are displayed depending on previous answers on the page or previous pages. This brings a lot of fluidity when responding to a questionnaire because only relevant questions to the respondent are displayed.

Eval & GO allows many different methods of branching but to address the question within a question issue one of the simplest is the Hide/Show Trigger (same page). This option allows you to show or hide a question on the current page depending on the answer to previous question located on the same page.


  • In the survey editor module, select the question(s) you want to hide and modify them by checking the "Hide" box.
  • Confirm your changes by pressing "OK"
  • Then click the "Redirection" tab
  • Select "Trigger Hide/Show (same page)" from the drop down menu.
  • Click on "Setup Trigger" and select the answer that you want to redirect.
  • Using the drop-down menus that appear, you choose which responses will show or hide one or more questions later.
  • Confirm your changes by pressing "Ok".
  • Click "Preview" to preview your survey and you make sure the branching is working properly.