Can I add a new page to a survey?

posted on 02/11/2015

Categories : Editing Surveys

Yes, there are 3 options for adding new pages. When editing a survey, you can add a new page by clicking on the Add Page button visible at the top of each page of a survey. This will add a new blank page which appears at the end of the survey.

Alternatively, add a new page by copying an existing page of your survey. Click on Copy icon  at the top of each survey page next to Page Options. The copied page is inserted at the end of the survey.

Finally, you can add a page by clicking on the Organize button by clicking on the 'Add Page' button at the bottom of any of the existing pages. A new (empty) page will be added immediately after the current page. Note that in the Organize module you can immediately drag-and-drop questions into this new page, and generally reorganize the survey to your liking.  

Curious about adding pages and the effects it has? Check out our blog post on the matter: "Too many questions on a page = bye-bye respondents".