How can I modify an already existing report?

posted on 04/10/2016

From the "My questionnaires" list, hover the mouse over the title of the survey you want to see and click on "Report" (looks like three vertical bars).
Otherwise, you can just click on the "Report" button from your survey's editing module.
To edit an item of the report, just hover the mouse over "Edit", represented by a blue pencil on the upper right part of the element.
You can now modify:
• The colour, size and font of the text,
• The elements of tables and graphs with the options on the right.
You can also:
• Add an item by clicking on "add text", "add table" or "add graph"
• Copy an element by using the yellow "Copy" icon
• Move an item by clicking on the green "Move" icon to choose its new location,
• Delete an item by clicking on the red "Delete" icon
Click on "Preview" on the upper right part of the page to view the online report. The data is updated in real time.
You can share your online report thanks to its link. You can also use the embed code to integrate it to your website. Both these options are available in the "Publish" module.