How do I generate a chart/graph?

posted on 02/11/2015

Within the Data Analyzer, choose whether you want a simple table or a Cross Tab
  > Drag the question or questions you want to analyze from the Question list on the left and drop them into the row box (and, if you are creating a cross-tabulation, into the column box)
    > choose the type of data process you would like (Note that the Intelligent Data Analysis Engine automatically determines the types of data processes that are appropriate for the type of questions you have put into the Data Analysis Engine - these are highlighted in blue)
         > click on the "Generate Chart" button.

From the graph editor page you can choose to export the chart/graph, add to the report, and edit the options and design of the chart/graph. You can change your graph type and customize size, color, add 3D, add a title, axis labels, level of transparency. The options are endless, but you can customize as much or as little as you need.