How do I create a new survey?

posted on 02/11/2015

Categories : My Surveys


You have 3 options - create a new survey from scratch, use one of the Survey Templates available, or copy an existing survey. 

To create a new survey:

  • Start by clicking on New Survey on the menu bar at the top of your screen.
  • Enter the title of your new survey at the top.
  • You can then choose to start from one of our many templates or you can start from scratch.
  • Select your chosen method on the left-hand side of the window by selecting 'Use Library', 'New Survey', or 'Copy a Survey'. Note that if this is your first survey you can't copy an existing survey.
  • You can choose a theme for your survey at the bottom of the window. Know that you can fully customize the theme later.
  • Then, click on “Create a new survey”.
  • This will take you directly to your survey’s workspace, also known as the Question Editor.
  • If you have chosen to start from a template then your survey's Workspace will already have questions in it, ready for you to modify or use as is.
  • If you chose to start a brand new survey then this workspace will be empty.
  • Simply click on your desired question type (from the left-hand side) and it will be automatically added to your questionnaire.
  • Modifying your question could not be simpler, by just clicking on the question and adding the information. You can even edit the text of your question or add an image.
  • If you want to add more responses, simply click on “Add an additional choice”. To change the order of answer choices is as simple as a drag-and-drop.
  • The option menu is here to let you personalize your questions. Here, you can make the responses appear in random orders, make the question mandatory, add a commentary, and so on... Once you have finished, click on OK and your question is added to your questionnaire and automatically saved.
  • You can easily add a new page by clicking on the blue “Add New Page”
  • You can also duplicate, or delete questions in one click. If there is a question that you use frequently, you can add the question to your personal library, for use in other surveys.
  • Click on the 'Organize' tab to organize the layout of your survey. You can change the order of your questions, move them from page to page and even move pages around.
  • By clicking on the Survey settings button, you’ll find all the options relating to the overall creation of your survey. You can edit your titles, insert your brand’s logo, add introduction create and thank you pages and other advanced functions.
  • Finally, to preview your survey and see it as your respondents will receive it, click on the “View”

Creating a survey with Eval&GO is easy!