How do I create a manual report?

posted on 04/10/2016

From the "My questionnaires" list, hover the mouse over the title of the survey you want to see and click on "Report" (looks like three vertical bars).
Otherwise, you can just click on the "Report" button from your survey's editing module.
• If it is your first report, then you'll see the message "Create your first data analysis report!". Click on this button.
• If it is not the first, click on the "Add report" button to get started.
• Insert the title of the report. You can also add a description if you want.
• You can choose between a "automatic" or "manual" report
• Choose "Manual report"
• Choose your report's colour palette
• Click on "Create" to see the report.
• Using this mode means that you have to insert your own graphs and tables by clicking on "Add table" or "Add graph".
Click here to read the FAQ about the automatic report.