Post on 12/02/2016 by Sealia Thévenau

QR codes seem to be invading the sidewalks more and more nowadays, why not take advantage of the trend to get your questionnaires out there!

With Eval&GO it is now possible to publish your questionnaires using a QR code as well as publishing the link online or by email.  This is good news because you can take your questionnaire out to the streets! Instead of having to type in the whole long link to your questionnaire, (which people probably wouldn’t be doing anyway!) with a simple scan from their phone people can be linked directly to the questionnaire.

Since Eval&GO is mobile compatible they’ll have no problem telling you how they feel about your products, services, or whatever!

QR codes can be saved to your computer in order to include them on any promotional materials.  So you can do with them what you will! Print promotional flyers, invoices, put them next to the cash register… Using the QR code can have as many uses as you have ideas basically. So be creative :) 

Here are some of my favorite ideas:

  • You own or manage a hotel and you want to know how people felt about their stay. Instead of sending them an email asking them to answer the questionnaire, put the QR code at the bottom of the bill that you slip under their door in the morning they’re checking out.
  • You run a coffee shop and want to know if people feel like they’ve waited too long for their coffee. Stick a QR code with a short message next to where they are supposed to pick up their order or next to where you keep the sugar and cream. While they wait they can scan and tell you how they feel.
  • In your restaurant you obviously bring the bill to your patrons at the end of a meal, why not also bring your restaurant’s card (so they can come again or tell their friends where you’re located) ;) with a nifty QR code printed on the back asking them how their meal was. While you're getting their change or swiping their card they'll have ample time to answer a quick questionnaire.
  • You are scouting locations for a new store. Or no! A yoga studio! Yeah, let’s go with that.  You are scouting locations for a new yoga studio in your town.  Why not put up a small promotional poster saying “Would you come to yoga classes here?” Add the QR code which will lead to a short questionnaire asking yes or no.  You could even add a redirection to the questionnaire where if the person answers no then a follow-up question appears asking why not?  Then you’ll know not only if that location has people who live there/walk by that would be interested in your yoga classes, but you’ll also know why others say they won’t go to class there.  This will help you figure out how good a location it really is!
  • You own a store and are launching a new product - to get qualified customer feedback, stick a QR code next to the product on the display. Encourage people to answer by promising an in-store discount at the end of the questionnaire that they can use immediately.  This encourages customers to give you feedback and pushes them to buy a little something on their way out to take advantage of their discount.
  • Or how about this one: A QR code in public restrooms asking if the restrooms were clean! I like this one because it puts pressure on the people keeping it clean, because they’re bound to have feedback on it. I’m not a germaphobe or anything, I just like clean bathrooms (and when there’s soap in the darn soap dispenser!).


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