Post on 18/05/2017 by Sealia Thévenau

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The Media has declared that 2017 will be a “long weekend year”, because of the sheer amount of three-day weekends happening. One of the most tangible consequences will be an increased tourist flux, all of whom will take advantage of those days to travel and discover new destinations.

This could be a good opportunity for you to find out how your visitors felt about their experience and how to improve your activity. The answers will help you to provide a better service to your customers, or confirm what you’re doing right!

How can you ask your visitors opinion? Simple, by creating an online questionnaire! A few questions can already provide meaningful data, and if well-presented – with an attractive background and logo – your questionnaire has more chances to get a high rate of responses! At Eval&GO, we provide you endless possibilities to make your questionnaire unique, so enjoy!

What themes should I explore? We know you’ve got lots of questions you would like the answers to, but it is crucial to focus only on one subject at a time, so that your visitors won’t feel attacked or overwhelmed. You could analyse the reception, perceived friendliness of staff, the quality of guided tours... the choice is up to you!

Once created, your questionnaire can be integrated to your website, published on social networks or sent by mail. The responses will be analysed in a few clicks.

Are you curious to see an example of a questionnaire on tourism? Click here and explore our sample questionnaire!


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