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What would be a good questionnaire without an eye-catching design to make the user experience pleasant? If the content of the questionnaire is essential, also the aspect matters, since appearance is the first element that hits respondents.

And since our application is addressed to everyone - professionals and private users – we've decided to provide you a wider variety in the library of themes. After introducing solid color themes, this month a new theme is ready to be discovered in the Design module.

If you seek a more educational or vintage look, the theme of the month, Old School, halfway between a notebook and a parchment, is yours!

Here is also a tip to improve the questionnaire:


Create a 100% responsive questionnaire!

Perhaps, you are wondering how to make the background image compatible on all media, regardless of screen size. Here's the solution!

1 - In the design module, click on the green pencil, "Edit"

2 - In the zone on the left, click the image that corresponds to the background

3 - In the right column, click on "Advanced"

4 - In the text area, enter the code:

background-attachment: fixed;

background-size: 100% 100%; or background-size: cover;

background-repeat: no-repeat;

5 – Save changing





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