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The whole Eval&GO team is proud to anounce you will soon have access to a brand new reporting module in Eval&GO application !  This new reporting module will allow you to create powerful and visually attractive reports with just a few simple clicks. It has been conceived to make creating and personalizing reports easier than ever. So, what’s new?!

Dynamic graphs

In this new and improved reporting module, your graphs become dynamic! Not only during your report’s creation but also when you preview or share it online! So, you can create custom-made graphs according to your needs that will be clear and visually stunning for anyone you choose to share them with. When you hold your mouse over a part of your graph, you can find out more details about this segment. Whether in the report’s editing or its publication your graphs will adapt to your needs!

Sleek design at the click of a button

Now, when you create your automatic report you can choose its structure and design with two clicks. The Eval&GO team is working on a design library to adapt your report to your needs. But, the design is not definitive - you will soon be able to change it in your report settings. Do you need table? Graphs? Or both? Choose the template you want!

Data analysis made easy(er!)

When you create your report – automatic or not  – Eval&GO now recommends the most adapted analysis and chart type for your question. This allows you to be certain of the pertinence of your analysis. You can always choose another graph or another analysis to adapt your report to your needs. And this is just one of the many ways Eval&GO helps you to make stunning and powerful data analysis reports without breaking a sweat!

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