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We received lots of answers, thanks for the extraordinary participation to our survey about Christmas curiosities around the world! 

Here are the keys of the quizz:

A Christmas cracker is a decorated candy. By pulling it on the ends, the cracker breaks, emitting a small bang noise (that's why it is called "cracker").

The Kipferl is a typical dish of Christmas Austrian cuisine. Its main ingredients are flour, butter, eggs, sugar and water with smeared egg on the surface.

"Vive le vent" is the French version of the English song "Jingle Bells".

Santa Claus is also known as Saint Nicholas.

In Germany they say "Frohe Weinachten" to wish a Merry Christmas.

The Santa Claus Village is located in Lapland.

The Christmas tree tradition comes from Estonia.

In Australia you can celebrate Christmas on the beach because it's summer!

Vietnam has inherited all French Christmas traditions.

In Italy Naples is famous for its handcrafted Christmas cribs.


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