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To frame your questionnaire and guide your respondents through your questionnaire it may be useful to add an introduction and / or conclusion to the questionnaire.

The introduction to the questionnaire allows you to explain some basic information:

  • The purpose of the survey
  • The time it will take
    • Note: Give a realistic time-frame! If it’s going to take them 20 minutes, do not write that it will "take a few minutes." Use a timer when you test the questionnaire to estimate the time it really takes and be truthful about this.
  • The anonymity of your respondents and the protection of their data


You can also insert an introduction at the beginning of each page. This can be useful in order to:

  • Provide additional information about the page
  • Define the page’s theme (e.g. "General Information", "Your Satisfaction", "Our Services" ...)
  • Insert a picture or text to then ask questions surrounding it
    • Note that this is also possible using the following question types: "Add text / html" or "Add image"


Adding a closing page

You have several options at the end of your survey:

  • Customize a thank you page
    • Insert a customized thank-you message
    • Give information concerning your company
    • You could include a promotional code!
  • Redirect to a URL of your choice
    • To your website or Facebook page
    • Towards a specially made landing-page
    • Towards an event invitation
    • ...
  • Redirect onto a report
    • For this option you can redirect on an automatic or general report with graphs and tables showing group data analysis (averages, number of responses, etc…)
    • You can also redirect towards a report with the respondent’s individual results
    • It is also possible to create a report combining these two types of information - here's a video tutorial on this subject:

Framing your questionnaire with introductions and closing pages makes your respondents feel comfortable with your questionnaire.  They know what’s coming next and will continue all the way to the end. 

Not to mention that you can add an incentive in your introduction to encourage them to finish.


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