Post on 12/02/2016 by Sealia Thévenau

Our developers are always hard at work to incorporate new features into the software or to develop things that our users have specifically mentioned would be nice to have.  One of these developments has just come to fruition!

Introducing the new Planning module in Follow-up!

Now when you send out a survey campaign you can set reminder or thank-you emails on “autopilot”, meaning you can schedule when respondents will get a follow-up message from you. 

You can send your follow-up messages in two basic styles:  The first is a thank-you email typically sent to respondents who have completed the questionnaire.   The second is a reminder type email to be sent to those who have yet to complete the survey (respondents who have started but not finished as well as those who have not started).  You can of course send both types, or be creative and make your own style of message with a delay of your choosing. 

The planner lets you choose whether to send your follow-up messages at a fixed date and time or program it so that the message gets sent a set number of days after a specific action (e.g. send thank-you message to respondents who have taken your survey three days after they completed the survey).

To schedule a follow-up message is simple.  From the My Surveys page, scroll the mouse over the title of the survey you want then click on the “Follow-up” link, the follow-up window will pop-up.  From here, click on the “Planning” tab.  Here you can choose who to send follow-up messages to and schedule when to send them, as well as edit the content and subject of these messages.  Once you’re done programming your follow-up, your messages will be automatically sent out so that you don’t have to worry about it!


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